TAGAP is a shoot-em-up, but it plays more like a first-person-shooter

TAGAP (The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins) is an impressive action game where you have to control a penguin equipped with a wide range of weapons. His main target is to save the world from the malicious Dr. Glowenko, a mad scientist who is planning to rule the world. But the mission is not easy, you will have to combat powerful opponents.

In the game, you are Pablo, a rebel penguin that finds out what Dr. Glowenko is doing - trying to rule the world with an army of cybernetic penguins. Soon, Glowenko decides to put a price for Pablo's head and send his penguin army led by fearsome Pedro, a smart penguin that remains loyal to his master Glowenko. This is a truly worthy adversary.

Although TAGAP uses 2D graphics, they are very well created, with animations full of many details. Besides, the game is very easy to play - with only four keys of your keyboard and your mouse, you will be able to play through any level. But as you advance to next levels, the number of enemies will increase, and you will need excellent reflexes and much ammunition to defeat them.

If you are looking for a game with a simple objective, but with powerful uncommon features and also different from other games, then TAGAP is definitely the perfect choice, and besides, it's totally free.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Excellent 2D graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Many different weapons


  • None
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